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October 15, 2011


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Ron Austin

Interesting Article.
My Dad was an early employee and senior executive at TCLP. I myself worked for a summer on pipeline maintenance.
I stole the tune, theme and some words from John Prines' famous song "Paradise", about coal mining mountain top removal.
Here is "Paradise Alberta" apologies to John Prine

(C)When I was a child I (F)lived in Alber(C)ta
In the city of Calgary, the (G)place of my (C)birth
Well the family soon picked up and (F)moved to (C)Toronto
The big banks said the pipeline must (G)live on our (C)turf.
.... chorus:
(C)And daddy won't you take me up to (F)Northern (C)Alberta
To the big Athabasca where (G)Paradise (C)lay
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're (F)too late in (C)asking
The Oil Sands, the Tar Sands have (G)flushed it a(C)way
The old pipeline moved the most natural of gases
From the bowels of Alberta to the shivering east.
While nothing comes freely, that pipeline surely
Gave mother-nature, a break at the least

Now we asked Thomas Berger, shall we build a new pipeline?
Up in the far north, where more energy lay
He said take it slow fellaws, cause the natives are thinking
Now new-pipelines are coming, a few decades delayed

Then the oil companies came to ft-MacMurray, Alberta
But they didn't take time for a clean tech approach
A greenhouse disaster, when we know far better
Is a good bet to lose this race to a roach

Ya, the tar sands get blessed by we coddled Canadians
While we torture the timber and ruin a good scene
Yes we'll dig for the tar till the land is forsaken
And then use all the water, to make gasoline.
Well the pipeline headquaters got moved back to Calgary
They carry less gas now and play the dirty oil game.
The bankers come calling to their glassy towers
Still far from 'thabascan source of their shame

cheers ... Ron

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