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July 18, 2013


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Not so good submarines; yes no doubt.
However, who has spoken to the apparent lack of skills of the Canadain Navy?
When the submarines were picked up in Scotland were they inspected?
if so why did one arrive with a dent in the hull?
WHy did the crew of another ignore warning signs and open not one but two watertight doors that, in heavy seas, alow water to enter the electrical panel & cause a fire?
Why, on another ship , did the crew open a sea valve that created havoc in the battery room?
The biggest & perhaps final act was off the shore of BC when a submarine hit bottom splitting the outer hull & basically writing off the vessel.
New submarines; yes but lets consider using temporary foreign workers to man them.
They would be no worse operators & be cheaper for the taxpayer!!


The Canadian submarine fleet ("O" Class, "A" Class, and now "C"(City)Class have always been understaffed.
The idea of spending weeks (or months) at sea in a small, cramped, smelly tube has even less appeal today than it did during the "adventurous" times of WWII and the Cold war.
I fully expect the 4 C Class subs we have to be merely "ears" underwater. Quietly listening for enemy intrusions, probably in the high arctic. That being said I also fully expect at least one of these boats to be "tied to the dock" at all times either due to maintenance issues or lack of staff.
In this day and age with all our computor technology, miniturization of technologies, communication capabilities, autonomous weaponization, etc.
One has to wonder if submarines have become a warfare anachronism. Other than the deterent of a submerged nuclear weapons platform( which these subs are not). Are subs really a good "bang for the buck"? Perhaps moving forward into the mid 21st century we should be looking at other, cheaper surveillance technologies such as submerged drones, submerged listening devices, submerged weapons systems that can be either dropped from an aircraft or placed at various locations to be "turned on" remotely if need be. We have the technology and for the billions of dollars spent on these aging subs. We certainly seem to have the money....
Time for DND eggheads to think outside the box. But less manpower doesnt compute with these "empire builders".
I wont hold my breath for any common sense descisions to emerge from either the DND or the Conservative party.

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