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"If mda’s space program is sold to atk, the US will most likely replace Canada as the licensing authority for Radarsat-2."

Given that Radarsat-2 is crucial to Canada's intelligence regarding the arctic, it does make sense that we ought to try and block the deal; however, it is also a free market and companies are free to sell programs to whomever they please.

If selling the program, on the other hand, looks as though it is going to cause Canada to lose significant control over its own territory to another country- which in this case it does, then I personally think the deal ought to be blocked. Given that we are well past the period of colonialism, companies and governments vie for power in every underhanded manner that they can.

We've already seen that the US economy is unstable given their stock market crash in 1929 and now their current recession. Britain was only one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries for so long... the US won't last forever either. Should we really put our fate in their hands?

The additional argument that it gives away taxpayer money is another good one worth considering.

According to this article ( http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2008/04/03/tech-atk-satellites.html )

"The bulk of questioning during Thursday's committee hearing focused on whether Canada or the U.S. would have final control over Radarsat-2 data... MDA owns the satellite and can generate revenues from commercial contracts with other nations, while federal government departments in turn will be able to access information from the satellite at no cost."

There is clearly a legal issue mentioned in the article regarding who will govern the satellite- and worries that the "1992 U.S. Land Remote Sensing Policy Act would override any agreement between MDA and the government of Canada once the MDA units in question were bought by a U.S. firm.".

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