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Canada obviously wants to manage its waters and territories fairly and equitably without excessive interference from other countries. Under international law Canada knows which waters it rightly controls including the northwest passage. The issue is only over canadas internal waters. Usa prefers to have unfettered acess of any kind. Canada has the right to keep its control and manage its waters and passage fairly and equitably for all. Weak signals by canada would only signal to the world and especially to the agressive USA government that canadians dont care enough to maintain our sovereignty. Most Canadians care passionately about protecting our sovereignty from all who would seek to weaken it. The USA as an ally I believe in the end will respect Canadas sovereignty. Canada will continue to respect innocent passage as it now does. Canada knows it has a responsibility to do so. Canada and the USA have so much in common both as north americans and economically. Cooperation between our two countries is always a good thing but only if it respects each countrys individual sovereignty. Loss of sovereignty for the average canadian is something we would abhor and detest. We would hate it no less than an American would hate loss of their sovereignty. It would be something that we could never agree to. I dont think that most canadians would ever accept that. That would be an extremely negative thing for our countries relations. Both of our countries as well have lost too much sovereignty to corporations because of nafta. Spp now called perimeter security is even more dangerous to our respective sovereignties. I hope the people of each country can eventually encourage our governments to renegotiate nafta giving corporations less power. Canada as well crucially needs to maintain its northern sovereignty.
Respecting each others sovereignty is the best way forward.

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