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WE need national ballast water regulations to protect all American waters equally. In the Arctic's melting glaciers and lakes many different types of influenza virus (h1n1 etc.) have been found. Birds can carry these from one body of water to another, and ballast water should not help facilitate this movement.
With NY states new "tough laws" going to give passes to ships allegedly waiting for better technology, only shows that the money they spent on regulations, was wasted to look as though they tried. Their regulations are just a part of a smoke screen of delay, paid for by the tax payers of NY, to help this administration continue delaying the Coast Guards still purposed national plan.
This administrations recent signing of a new Coast Guard Authorization bill leaving out ballast water,,, after Senator Boxer killed a Coast Guard Authorization bill in 2008,,,, which passed overwhelmingly 395-7 in the House,,, and would have protected American waters from foreign ships dumping polluted ballast water,, shows that this President is in no hurry to do anything soon to protect all American waters equally from human pathogens and virus being dumped in our waters by foreign ships delivering foreign manufactured goods.
Now all the Great Lakes states are worried about NY's plan, and they should not be, because this is just being staged. Remember the presidential election year of 2012 is when NY regulations could matter.

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