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In regards to the Northwest Passage and the claims the author makes on the rejection of discussion between Canada and the US on control of the waterways. What is the role of NORDREG? I guess what I am trying to ask is, does Canada have the right or authority to set up a regulatory agency for the Northwest Passage, run by the Canadian Coast Guard, before any deal is reached between Canada and the US (or any state for that matter) on the definition of the NWP? Thoughts would be great.

I would assume no, as there is no legal definition of what entails the NWP. But, the entrances to the NWP (such as Lancaster Sound) are (as far as I have understood) canadian land and they can thus have the authority to set up regulatory agencies.
Also, the Northwest Passage, historically, have been Canadian and until there is some sort of legal ruling of who the NWP belongs to, Canada can go forth with their own regulations.
Might be clueless here, but this seems to me to be the reasoning and support the Canadians have used in asserting their right to set up these mandatory regulatory agencies.

I find it astonishing that any one country has to claim a share of the sea. It is so funny the way in which the world works, you would never imagine that there is a 2013 deadline for this either. I think that all sea and land should not be owned by any one source.

It is a shame that both Greenland and Ellesmere Island can't beg to differ and share the possession of the piece of rock between them both. I think it is a shame that countries have to fall about about boundaries and who owns what.

Hey have people got nothing better to do man, than fight over a piece of rock. Can it even be used by either Denmark or Canada, or are they simply fighting about it because they have nothing better to do. Chill Out that is all I can say.

Surely a sea bed is a sea bed, it should not be owned by one country or another country. I have never really understood why people fight over rocks in the sea, which are of no use to anyone really.

Our military is just large enough to launch a successful invasion of Greenland. Lets take the over. The rest of the world will be so stunned they will sit back and do nothing while they try to figure out how Canada suddenly became an assertive colonial super duper power.

But first, lets invite Iceland to join our confederation as a territory, then we can launch as two front attack on Greenland.

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