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Good day! This article, while interesting, leads me to pose a number of relavent questions.

What are the proposed ice capabilities of these A/OPS? What equivalent ice rating would they possess? I note no ice capabilities reported for the patrol boats with which the A/OPS is being compared in this article.

Additionally, it is noted that the A/OPS cannot launch or retrieve helicopters beyond sea state 3. When operating in the vicinity of sea ice you can enter the ice and negate the sea state. Similarly, 17 kts is very fast for a vessel with ice capabilities.

What is the intended role of the A/OPS? If it is indeed to be used in our Arctic and provide an in ice capability, then the comparisons made with other patrol boats fails to note that none of the other patrol boats listed would be capable to fill that role.

I've enjoyed your article, and am indeed very interested to hear some details regarding the A/OPS.

Best regards,

James R Pierce

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